The American Association of University Women (AAUW) operates as a non-partisan organization focused on presenting factual information without endorsing specific political candidates. Our primary mission is to advocate for issues that impact women and girls. We fund research on women’s issues to ensure our advocacy is backed by solid data and evidence, addressing key concerns like equal pay and Title IX compliance.

Policy priorities at the national level guide our advocacy efforts, periodically reviewed and updated to reflect evolving societal needs. Similarly, at the state level, we establish our own set of priorities that inform our lobbying activities with the state legislature, ensuring our efforts are well-aligned with both national objectives and state-specific needs.

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Members have the opportunity to engage at the national level by lobbying their respective representatives and senators. A straightforward method to participate is by enrolling in the Two-Minute Activist program. This initiative alerts you to current issues requiring action and assists in swiftly crafting messages to convey to Congress members.

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State Level

The Public Policy section of our state website is tailored to supply the necessary resources and tools for executing public policy events and activities throughout Pennsylvania. Please explore all the pages found under the Public Policy menu for comprehensive information.

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