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Education and Empowerment

AAUW is deeply committed to the importance of education, founded in 1881 by pioneering college-educated women aiming to broaden access to and enrich the college experience. Today, AAUW continues to support education through various programs, alongside offering scholarships and grants.

In Johnstown, AAUW provides scholarships to outstanding local high school senior girls pursuing higher education.

National Scholarships and Research Grants
AAUW National is the leading organization worldwide in supporting women’s higher education, offering significant funding for those pursuing advanced degrees. Excitingly, AAUW has allocated nearly $5 million in funding to over 260 fellows and grantees for the 2021-22 award year.

National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL)
Annually, AAUW invites college women from across the nation for days filled with leadership training, motivational sessions, and networking opportunities. AAUW Seattle endorses this transformative program by sponsoring participants each year.

Start Smart and Work Smart Programs
These acclaimed online workshops empower women to negotiate their initial salary or seek raises confidently, addressing their worth in the workforce – a critical step towards narrowing the gender pay gap. These initiatives boost self-esteem and equip college students and working women with essential skills. The Seattle area offers in-person Start Smart workshops through the University of Washington Women’s Center, with AAUW Seattle’s support.

AAUW Webinars
AAUW National hosts invaluable free webinars on topics including social justice, advocacy, and professional growth, providing insights and resources for personal and professional development.

AAUW Trailblazers
We draw inspiration from AAUW trailblazers, celebrating our members, fellows, and award recipients who have been instrumental in advancing gender equity. Their legacies illustrate the impact of our collective efforts towards creating a more equitable future.